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We empower innovation by leveraging the right technology to solve the right problem, at the right time, for the right cost.

We're ChimiChurri

We help our clients build business value and outperform their competitors by launching new digital products, automating processes, and eliminating waste.

Clients value our long-term partnership because it helps them achieve astounding business outcomes.

Our ability to execute software projects to perfection with first-class software development resources and the passion of an agile startup is core to our mission of empowering technology innovation.

Our services leverage deep experience and knowledge in technology, business, and entrepreneurship to fill critical gaps in engineering, product, and leadership teams.

Our Services

Digital Transformations

We help build business value through technology while transforming critical business processes.

Custom Software Development

We provide development, product, and innovation services that help build impactful software.

Development Operations

We help with cloud migration/infrastructure setup and application/infrastructure modernization.

Consulting Services

We offer technology, business, and strategy consulting services to outperform the competition.

Software Development Resources

We provide managed software development resources to augment teams.

Mobile Apps

We help create meaningful mobile applications that delight customers.

Our Difference

We call it an entrepreneurial focus—combining software development technologies and methodologies with the passion, efficiency, and sense of urgency of a startup.

Leveraging ChimiChurri exceeded our expectations, providing a reliable foundation to launch our SaaS business and accelerating our entrance into the market.

Ed DeLeon

Founder, DealerPing

ChimiChurri allowed us to customize to our needs but also plan and deploy very quickly. The planning process was outstanding and we were able to build a much better app.

Fabian Dohmes

Founder, Lunchtray


We execute technology projects to perfection and understand sense-of-urgency.


We focus on the big picture and have a deep understanding of what it takes to create solutions our clients want, without sacrificing quality.


We're transparent about the choices that can help fast track projects and eliminate waste.


We work with you to ensure you receive the highest value for your budget.


We have the technology and business acumen necessary to provide the guidance and information you need to make the best business decisions.


We can be trusted to deliver what and when we say, without surprises.

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We build long-term winning partnerships with all of our clients. Operating with a startup mentality, we focus on efficiently building business value, eliminating waste and uncertainty, and iterating quickly without sacrificing quality.

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