Just like ChimiChurri sauce, our team delivers a diverse and carefully balanced set of flavors and spices by blending together proven business leaders from Austin, TX with the brightest culturally and timezone aligned software development and engineering talent from across Latin America.

Sebastián Brocher

Sebastián Brocher

Founder & CEO - Innovation, Engineering, Product

A serial entrepreneur, Sebastián has founded 7 technology ventures over the last 20 years. His passion is helping fellow founders and innovative teams launch and scale new ventures, automate processes, and eliminate waste.

With Healthcare, FinTech, Manufacturing, Cybersecurity, and Blockchain experience, Sebastián specializes in digital transformation, product strategy, lean startup, agile methodologies, cloud native and mobile applications, software architecture and engineering, development operations, data modeling, open-source, and business intelligence.

In 2013, he co-founded SiteCondor, a website auditing tool acquired by gShiftLabs. Previously, he led the technology team at WhiteGlove Health, and held engineering management roles at Schlumberger, Axalto, and Gemalto. 

Sebastián holds a degree in Computer Engineering from the Buenos Aires Institute of Technology (ITBA), and is fluent in Spanish, French, and English. A father of two toddlers, Sebastián enjoys spending time outside with family and friends, playing tennis, traveling, and making music.

Originally from: Buenos Aires, Argentina – Lives in: Austin, TX

Gonzalo Avila

Gonzalo Avila

Sr. Software Engineer - Full Stack Web development, IoT, DevOps

Gonzalo is a Computer Engineer graduated from the Uruguayan University of the Republic, where he also performed as a teacher in the robotics field.

Gonzalo has been developing technology solutions since the early 2010’s and has held roles such as team leader, technical architect, and software developer. The multiple projects in which he participated typically involved the design and implementation of web applications, mobile applications, video games, and Internet of Things devices.

When he is not working, Gonzalo enjoys reading, riding his bicycle, and practicing Krav Maga. Most recently, he started taking bass guitar lessons online.

Originally from: Soriano, Uruguay – Lives in: Montevideo, Uruguay

Mauro Pico

Mauro Pico

Sr. Software Engineer - AI/ML, DevSecOps, Full Stack Web development

Mauro is a Computer Engineer graduated from the Uruguayan University of the Republic. There he also collaborated in the dictation of the “algorithms and data structures” and “computer architecture” courses.

In addition to his Computer Engineering degree, Mauro has vast professional experience, and has completed highly specific training, on the design and implementation of information systems. 

With a passion for science, technology and entrepreneurship, Mauro is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Innovation Management.

Mauro enjoys cooking, motorcycle riding, and water sports.

Originally from: Montevideo, Uruguay – Lives in: Montevideo, Uruguay

Guillermo Fernandez

Guillermo Fernandez

Sr. Software Engineer - Full Stack Web development, Micro services, DevOps, Mobile applications

A Computer Engineer graduated from UDELAR (Universidad de la República), Guillermo is an extremely dedicated and passionate team player with over 10 years of experience in the software industry.

With vast experience as project manager and team leader, Guillermo is always looking for team improvement and learning experiences.

In addition to his Computer Engineering degree, Guillermo is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Microservices from UDELAR.

Guillermo loves to play all kinds of sports such as soccer and running.

Originally from: Madrid, Spain – Lives in: Montevideo, Uruguay

Iberth Fernandez

Iberth Fernandez

Sr. Software Engineer - Full Stack Node JS development

Iberth is a Computer Engineer who has a natural passion for writing quality code with over 14 years of experience in the software industry. He graduated from San Simon University (Bolivia) and finished a Masters in Telecommunications from the Bolivian Catholic University.

He understands and applies modern development practices, always striving to be at the forefront. He is deeply immersed in both Cloud Computing and the architecture of Microservices, which allows him to select the most appropriate technologies when designing software products that can grow and scale according to the needs of any Start-up, medium, or large company.

Iberth is grateful for being happily married and a proud father. He likes to follow sports, have good coffee, and travel the world as much as he can.

Originally from: Cochabamba, Bolivia – Lives in: Cochabamba, Bolivia

Sebastian Barcelona

Sebastian Barcelona

Sr. Full Stack Engineer - Full Stack development

Sebastian is an Information Technology student at the Technological University of Uruguay, with more than 10 years of experience in software development and the software industry.

A self-learner in constant training, he is passionate about learning new technologies and loves a challenge. He deeply enjoys contributing to the team, especially when a project requires the acquisition and application of new skills.

When he is not working, you may find him learning about robotics or Machine Learning.

Originally from: Durazno, Uruguay – Lives in: Montevideo, Uruguay

Jonathan Jaime

Jonathan Jaime

Jr. Developer - Full Stack Web development

A Software Engineering student at UnADM, Jonathan has a passion for solving problems. A naturally curious self-learner, he is always searching for improvement opportunities and has more than 2 years of experience in the software industry. He enjoys constantly figuring out the building blocks of the systems around us.

When he is not working, you may find him watching movies, reading, listening to music, or walking at the local park.

Originally from: Acapulco, Mexico – Lives in: Canelones, Uruguay

Laura Sánchez

Laura Sánchez

Jr. Developer - Full Stack Web Development

Laura is a Computer Engineering student from the University of the Republic in Uruguay, and holds an undergraduate degree from the East Regional University Center.

Laura is a full stack web developer with two years of experience. She is always moving, always learning.

She enjoys reading, watching movies with her friends, baking, and playing the piano.

Originally from: Rocha, Uruguay – Lives in: Montevideo, Uruguay

Nicolás Aguirre

Nicolás Aguirre

Jr. Developer - Full Stack Web Development

Nicolás is a Full Stack web developer with an unconditional passion for technology.

A highly dedicated team member, in the past 3 years he has earned completion certificates for a multitude of courses on web development, mobile development, and systems analysis and design.

He is currently continuing his online courses education and plans to start his Software Engineering studies in the year 2021.

In his free time, Nicolás enjoys working on programming side projects, learning new skills, and mastering others such as playing piano and Rubik’s cube speed solving.

Originally from: Montevideo, Uruguay – Lives in: Montevideo, Uruguay

Z Naddaf

Z Naddaf

Marketing Tech Developer - Full Stack Development

Z is a junior web developer and graduate of the Full Stack coding bootcamp at the University of Texas at Austin.

His tech expertise is centered on SEO, WordPress and PHP development, and constantly finding ways to improve UI/UX. With an undergraduate degree in Anthropology and a graduate degree in International Studies, Z is a passionate organizer and communicator who loves to bring people together.

In his spare time, Z is an avid yoga enthusiast as well highly sociable extrovert.

Originally from: Damascus, Syria – Lives in: Austin, Texas

Steve Semelsberger

Steve Semelsberger


CEO at Testlio, Steve is a 20-year software startup veteran with two IPOs and two acquisitions worth a combined $2B+ under his belt. As Founder of Alder Growth Partners (AGP), Steve provides advisory services, boutique consulting and project outsourcing to CEOs at software and services businesses of all sizes. Areas of focus include company culture, corporate management, organic growth and inorganic growth.

His previous experience includes general management (e.g. SVP & GM, Social Products for Demand Media) and functional management (e.g. VP, Sales & Business Development for Pluck), along with product management, marketing and alliances positions with Motive (now part of Alcatel) and iChat (now part of Apple).

Steve holds an MBA in high-tech finance from Duke along with a BS in marketing from Binghamton. A father of three boys, he spends a good deal of his time outdoors with family and friends.

Originally from: Syracuse, NY – Lives in: Austin, TX

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