Development Operations
and Security

We help with cloud infrastructure setup, migrations, CI/CD, security, and application modernization.

DevSecOps is deeply ingrained in all we do

We have experience working with multiple cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean, Linode, and others, and can build and setup new cloud infrastructure, help you migrate applications and software to the cloud and across providers, containerize and modernize applications, set up automated Continuous Integration and Continuos Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines, solve performance, scalability and resilience problems, and more.

We are also well versed in all things security and can help implement and integrate a variety of measures and systems to achieve your needs and compliance requirements such as, for example, end-to-end encryption in transit and at-rest, non-repudiable logging, automated vulnerability scanning, disaster recovery and business continuity planning, VPN configurations, intrusion detection systems (IDS), Security Information and Event Management (SEIM) software, patches and updates management, and more.

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