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We offer development, product, and innovation services to help clients launch impactful software and accelerate their digital transformation. 

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ChimiChurri delivers impactful solutions by combining deep business, product management, and lean startup expertise with exceptionally agile software development talent and the latest technology stacks, open-source projects, container, cloud, and DevOps technology.

Digital Transformations

We help build business value through technology while transforming critical business processes.

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What is “digital transformation”?

Digital transformation marks a radical rethinking of how an organization uses technology, people and processes to fundamentally change business performance, says George Westerman, MIT principal research scientist and author of Leading Digital: Turning Technology Into Business Transformation.

Digital transformation requires cross-departmental collaboration in pairing business-focused philosophies with rapid application development models.

Most companies undertake digital transformations to be more competitive.

However, digital transformation is far more than just modernization of manual processes, it is inherent creativity and ingenuity that has enabled today’s accelerated pace of innovation.

Digital transformation is disruptive and challenges most organizations because the skills required are far beyond just technical proficiency.

ChimiChurri has a strong record of empowering innovation through digital transformation. We have the expertise, best practices, insight, and creativity to help you succeed.

Consulting Services

We offer technology, business, and strategy consulting services to outperform the competition.

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We love working closely with fellow founders, C-suite, and senior executives to jointly devise winning strategies that leverage the right technology and resources to deliver outstanding business results. 

Our consultants combine deep business, entrepreneurship, and product management expertise with cutting-edge technology skills across a variety of technology stacks, cloud, and DevSecOps tools. With experience working in multiple industries (healthcare, finance, information security, manufacturing, real estate, and others) and companies of all sizes, we are confident our team can help you succeed and outperform the competition.

Whether you need a little outside help to get a team unstuck, help solve a specific problem, improve processes, eliminate waste, or build and launch an entire new digital product, our highly skilled consultants are always happy to help.


Custom Software Development

We provide development, product, and innovation services that help build impactful software.

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Whether you need help building a new digital product or tool from scratch, automating a process, integrating systems, or eliminating waste, we are here to help.

We have built a large variety of B2B and B2C applications, digital products, integrations, SaaS products, marketplaces, and cloud software for clients in healthcare, finance, manufacturing, information security, real estate, and many other industries.

Our high-performance team is full with thought leaders, architects, software engineers, product managers, and entrepreneurs to ensure we fully understand your needs and build the most appropriate solutions that leverage the right resources, architecture, technology, and methodology for your needs.

We can build backend systems and APIs, sophisticated frontends, microservices, monolithic applications, integrations, mobile applications, large CMS-powered websites, and distributed systems, and have deep experience working with a variety of technology stacks, frameworks, programming languages, databases, open source projects, cloud providers, DevSecOps tools, and third-party APIs.

Software Development Resources

We provide managed software development resources to augment teams.

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Our unique delivery model blends USA-based resources with top-notch and timezone aligned development and engineering talent from across Latin America.

This model enables us to bring you the quality, experience, and attention you expect from a first-class local technology consulting firm, yet with more competitive pricing and none of the headaches of outsourcing and managing development on your own. 

Paying attention to every detail and taking the necessary time and investment on our side to understand your business and needs, we assemble blended high-performance teams that deliver ultimate quality and execute software projects to perfection, with no waste and no hassle.

Development Operations and Security

We help with cloud infrastructure setup, migrations, CI/CD, security, and application modernization.

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We are confident our highly skilled engineering team can help with all of your DevSecOps needs.

We have experience working with multiple cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean, Linode, IBM Cloud, and others, and can build and setup new cloud infrastructure, help you migrate applications and software to the cloud and across providers, containerize and modernize applications, set up automated Continuous Integration and Continuos Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines, solve performance, scalability and resilience problems, and more.

We are also well versed in all things security and can help implement and integrate a variety of measures and systems to achieve your needs and compliance requirements such as, for example, end-to-end encryption in transit and at-rest, non-repudiable logging, automated vulnerability scanning, disaster recovery and business continuity planning, VPN configurations, intrusion detection systems (IDS), Security Information and Event Management (SEIM) software, patches and updates management, and more.

Mobile Applications

We help create meaningful mobile applications that delight customers.

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Our team can build hybrid mobile applications that leverage the Ionic and React Native frameworks, and also has the expertise required to architect and build scalable, secure, and reliable backends. We can also integrate third-party services and any APIs your application may need.

With a focus on crafting a delightful UX, building a sound and solid technology architecture, and paying the utmost attention to detail, we ensure your ultimate satisfaction through a collaborative approach and a modern, lean, agile development methodology to help us eliminate waste, iterate quickly, and progressively remove uncertainty without compromising quality.

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