Basic SaaS

Our flagship out-of-the-box flavor has all the fully-loaded core features that come standard with ChimiChurri. It's ideal for Software-as-a-Service businesses that collect subscriptions and/or one-time payments for access to their applications. Choose this flavor if you're building for example a consumer membership website (B2C) or you're building a subscription service to sell to other businesses (B2B). The basic flavor has everything you need to launch a SaaS business, and nothing more.

Consumer Membership Website Example (B2C)

Language Street offers language learning services in French and Spanish. Students can sign up and subscribe with a monthly plan for courses or pay for one-time lessons. They can also change plans or cancel their subscriptions all from the website.

Language Street 1

E.g. Business Membership Website Example (B2B)

Dealerping offers auto dealerships a platform to connect and communicate with their customers. The dealerships can share with their customers updates on repairs including images via SMS through the ChimiChurri platform.

Dealerping 1

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