Beyond the core features included with all ChimiChurri applications, the platform can build applications with a variety of flavors. Each flavor below adds features typically needed to accommodate for a specific business model.

Flavor Saas

Basic SaaS

Ideal for Software-as-a-Service businesses that collect subscriptions and/or one-time payments for access to their software applications.

Examples: Basecamp, Quickbooks, Salesforce

Flavor Productized Services

Productized Services

For service businesses and consultants who want to package their offerings with subscription plans or one-time payments.

Examples: Car Wash, Maids, Pest Control, Language Teachers, Coaches

Flavor Membership Directory

Membership Directory

For businesses, organizations, or associations that charge membership or subscription fees and provide listings, advertising, or other services.

Examples: Chamber of Commerce, Clubs, Associations, Churches, Charities

Flavor Marketplace


For marketplace or market-network businesses (B2B, B2C, or P2P) which allow for your customers to connect, publish, sell, or rent on your platform.

Examples: Etsy, eBay, LinkedIn, airBnB

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