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All ChimiChurri applications include an automatically generated marketing website that matches the flavor and topping selections you make while building your application.

You'll always get a fast and professional homepage, a contact page, pages for users to sign up and sign in and, depending on your application flavor, a plans page, an FAQ page, profile pages, prospect pages, lead capturing landing pages, and more.

ChimiChurri applications also include a set of internal pages where signed in users can perform actions such as, for example, securely entering their credit cards, subscribing to a plan, or updating their account information.

User Interface

Every feature that comes with your application includes a corresponding User Interface (UI) component and is readily available for users to interact with through your website. For example, your application will come with ready-made user sign up forms, subscription plan tables, user account forms, credit card and one-time payment forms, subscription management components (subscribe, upgrade, downgrade, cancel), a billing history table, contact forms, profile pages and forms, etc.

In addition, the included website layouts bring standard navigation elements such as navigation bars, menus, and footers that make it easy for users to find information and navigate the website in familiar ways.

Responsive Templates

Our platform builds on the open-source Twitter Bootstrap framework to ensure your website will look and work great on smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and desktops alike. Whatever screen and device your website visitors use, we've got you covered!

Content Management System (CMS)

Your Content Management System (CMS) is accessible from your application's Admin Panel and lets you easily update page copy and content, edit layouts and look & feel, upload images and files, create new pages, edit content snippets, edit email templates, customize your UI components, edit SEO-related fields, and more.

Cms Ss4

The included CMS uses the open-source comfortable-mexican-sofa project, and also enables you to use the application UI components in your website pages and content snippets.

Look & Feel - Themes

In addition to leveraging the Bootstrap framework, your application also uses an open-source theme from Bootswatch. While building your application, you can select from one of the readily available themes to get started with a look & feel that matches your existing branding or that your target audience can identify with. Each theme has its own vibe, combining different styles, color palettes, typographies, and more.

You can select the theme you'd like to use as a starting point when building your application, and you can later change it and customize it through the CMS and application source code. Below are a couple of theme examples that are available for you to use and get started with.

Bootswatch Themes 2

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