Built With ChimiChurri

Over the past couple years, we have built and launched over 15 SaaS and Marketplace products, and helped many startups and larger organizations achieve their objectives.

Here are some of the applications we have built with ChimiChurri, together with testimonials from the founders.

Lunchtray delivers delicious, healthy lunches for children directly to your kids' school. Our local chef makes nutritious, and delicious, lunches for kids to eat every weekday. Our food is always freshly made, using healthy, whole ingredients with plenty of organic and local sources. Next to traditional comfort foods (but made from scratch!) we always include new tastes and textures for kids to get to know and love. We make it easy for parents and schools, and yummy and healthy for kids!

“We chose ChimiChurri to create our custom website and application because they offer a very easy approach to "plug" together the functionality we needed. The fast and responsive platform plus the integration of numerous web services allowed us to customize to our needs but also plan and deploy very quickly. In addition, the consulting provided by Sebastian as part of the planning process was outstanding. Of course he is an expert on all questions tech and web but he also asked very succinct and insightful questions about our business. This led us to a better understanding of our own needs and together we were able to build a much better app."

- Fabian Dohmes, Founder

Dealer Ping is a communication and workflow platform for auto service drives, designed to improve customer satisfaction and optimize shop productivity. The two-way texting platform enables advisors and management to communicate repair updates to customers in a secure, transparent, and compliant format. The platform also allows shop personnel to manage and oversee workflow and productivity on one illustrative screen.

“Leveraging ChimiChurri's Early Adopter Program exceeded our expectations, providing a reliable foundation to launch our SaaS business and accelerating our entrance into the market."

- Ed DeLeon, Founder
Dealer Ping LLC

For Caregivers, Guardians, and Families. Guide Change is a secure, confidential online filing system that lets you save and share important details regarding medical, legal, social and financial matters for the people who you support.

“I purchased ChimiChurri as the backbone of my new application for caregivers. My application was developed and deployed much faster than anticipated, and the pricing was lower than other quotes. Sebastian has been great to work with, and he has quickly made requested upgrades since the initial product was completed. I look forward to continuing to use ChimiChurri to provide Guide Change's cloud-based solution for caregivers of people with disabilities."

- Michael Curran, Founder
Guide Change LLC

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“This may sound a little meta but, chicken and egg story apart, our product building platform, Chimi, was built with ChimiChurri. We are very proud of this fact and hope that it conveys the level of our commitment towards quality, ownership, and flexibility in the solutions we deliver."

- Sebastián Brocher, Founder & CEO
ChimiChurri Inc.